Smallest Solar Power Mini Race Car Toy (Includes 2 Racers)

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Solar Powered - No batteries required

Learning by Doing: It's an educational toy which is great for kids hand-on skills and creativity.

Environmental Science Experiment: The car kit is solar powered, which is energy efficiency and promotes fun while teaching about ways to protect the environment.

The Mini Solar Racer is a toy car which claims to be the world's smallest solar powered car. The solar panel allows the car to move from eco-friendly solar energy when the car is placed either in sunlight or under a bright artificial light. The Mini Solar Racer is a helpful toy to demonstrate both the abilities of solar power and the advancements in technology that allow a solar powered car to be made to such a significantly small size. The toy car measures an astonishing 3.3 cm x 2.2 cm x 1.4 cm (1.3 in x 0.87 in x 0.55 in).

Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts (up to and including itself!).


  • Solar Powered - No batteries required
  • Solar panel covers the entire roof, and makes this baby fly
  • Excellent for demonstrating solar power in action
  • About the size of a quarter
  • No Battery Required
  • Size:33mm x 22mm x 14mm


  • 2 x Solar Power Energy Mini Car