Portable Pet Water Bottle Hydration System

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Any hot environment can cause heatstroke in dogs, but the most common cause is a careless action by a pet owner, such as forgetting to provide water and shade to pets that are outdoors.  Some dogs are more prone to developing heat exhaustion, especially dogs who are older, overweight or brachycephalic (Pugs, Bulldogs and other flat-faced breeds). It is important to be aware of the ambient temperature and take appropriate preventative measures.

We have a solution to combat thirsty pets while on the go. This excellent portable hydration solution is essential for keeping your pets hydrated while on walks, hiking or traveling in the car.  To keep the water clean and healthy for your pet, an integrated active charcoal filter rids stored water of impurities while the convenient design keeps water handy for your pets without leaks and fuss.  This is the best all around pet hydration system that promotes both convenience and pet health.  A must for the active pet owner.


Volume: 250ml
Color: Green,Blue,Yellow, Pink